Financial Year


EuroSports Auto Pte Ltd was incorporated and started distributing Lotus automobiles*


Launched Lotus showroom and service centre


  • Started distribution of Lamborghini automobiles
  • Launched Lamborghini showroom and service centre


  • Formally entered into an agreement with the Lamborghini manufacturer to secure the Lamborghini dealership in Singapore
  • Established Massa Auto (S) Pte. Ltd. (now known as EuroAutomobile Pte. Ltd.) for the purpose of securing the Alfa Romeo distributorship


Acquired premises at 30 Teban Gardens Crescent and established showrooms and service centres


  • Secured the Alfa Romeo distributorship in Singapore and launched showroom and service centre**
  • Expanded and refurbished Lamborghini showroom and service centre in anticipation of a growth in sales of Lamborghini automobiles


Awarded “Certificate of Achievement for the 2005 Results Obtained in Sales and Service” by the Lamborghini manufacturer


Celebrated the delivery of the 100th Lamborghini in Singapore


Awarded “Best Sales Performance 2008” by the Lamborghini manufacturer


Marked the 10th anniversary of Lamborghini dealership


  • Secured the following dealership/distributorship:
  • deLaCour brand of watches, jewellery and accessories (exclusive distributorship) in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei
  • Pagani automobiles (exclusive dealership) in Singapore and Malaysia***
  • Touring Superleggera automobiles (exclusive distributorship) in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and PRC (non-exclusive distributorship in PRC)


  • Successfully launched IPO on 17 January 2014
  • Successfully completed the Sales and Leaseback Arrangement regarding our premises at 30 Teban Gardens Crescent on 17 March 2014
  • Acquired a 60% stake in a new subsidiary specialising in the trading of pre-owned sports and luxury automobiles in August 2014 and renamed it AutoInc EuroSports Pte. Ltd.
  • Set up boutique to retail deLaCour watches at Wisma Atria and launched Lamborghini Huracán model


Set up new Lamborghini display and retail store at Suntec City Mall and launched a variant of the Lamborghini Huracán model


Incorporated Ultimate Drive EuroSports Pte. Ltd., a new motoring product catering to supercar enthusiasts


  • Regional launch of Lamborghini’s first SUV model “Urus”
  • Launch and resurgence of Alfa Romeo’s new “Giulia” models
  • A wholly-owned subsidiary, Spania GTA Asia Pacific Private Ltd., has changed its name to EuroSports Technologies Pte. Ltd., is developing a next-generation motorcycle that is fully electric
  • Incorporated Prosper Auto Pte. Ltd. for the purpose of distribution of automobiles and related products overseas
  • Purchase of "Exquisite Marques Holding Pte. Ltd.", a one-stop shop automobile service and enhancement centre for premium and other luxury car brands
  • Launched 2 new Lamborghini models – Huracan Performante & Aventador S


  • Opening of EuroSports’ new headquarters and new showroom for Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo
  • Disposal of AutoInc EuroSports Pte. Ltd. and Exquisite Marques Holding Pte. Ltd. were completed in December 2018


  • Disposal of shares in Ultimate Drive EuroSports Pte. Ltd. to fully focus on the core business
  • EuroSports Technologies Pte. Ltd. received funding to develop next-generation fully electric motorcycles


Marked the successful delivery of the 50th Lamborghini Urus in Singapore


  • Lamborghini launched the new Huracan EVO RWD virtually for the very first time in EuroSports Auto Pte Ltd's history
  • EuroSports Technologies Pte. Ltd., raised US$6.3 million for its Electric Motorcycle Brand
  • EuroSports Technologies Pte. Ltd. and Strides Transportation Pte. Ltd. entered into a MOU to develop and distribute Smart Electric Motorcycles in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region****


  • Lamborghini launched the Huracan STO, a racing-inspired, road legal sports car and Aventador Ultimae, the latest and most powerful variant of the Aventador model range
  • Scorpio Electric launched pre-orders of the X1, the First Singapore Electric Motorcycle


  • EuroSports Technologies Pte. Ltd. changed its name to Scorpio Electric Pte. Ltd., with effect from 21 December 2022
  • Scorpio Electric clinched US$6.75 million in funding at valuation of US$150 million
  1. *Distribution of Lotus automobiles ceased in FY2020.
  2. **Distribution of Alfa Romeo automobiles to cease in FY2023.
  3. ***Distribution of Pagani automobiles ceased in FY2020.
  4. ****Lapsed of MOU with Strides Transportation Pte Ltd on 16 Jan 2023.